About Us

Why make desks?

We believe that innovation can be inspired by the very setting in which we craft our futures.

Our View

Station gives ambitious people the space to thrive. Our products are not a sign of success, but rather a sign that you're serious about succeeding.

The thought and care put into building a workspace reflects the thought and
care put into your work.

Our journey through life is rarely a straight line. Our careers, passions, and priorities evolve, just as we grow, change, and reinvent ourselves.

So the setting where we craft
our futures should too.

Where We Started

Station is a collaboration between artist and architect, Jay Atherton, and home builder and real estate developer, Dennis Shaw.

As the workplace became more flexible, our specific desk needs became more unique. Yet everywhere we looked, the market was filled with compromise—either poorly made, not the right style or size, or wrong price point. 

So, we set out to provide a desk solution that was well-made and compliments a variety of styles and needs.

A simple Process

Starting with design, we formed a system that is attractive, functional, and flexible enough to make it your own.

From there, we sought out manufacturers who have honed their craft over many decades, ensuring the integrity and quality of our product.

And here we are—Station,
a desk made for you, for a change.